Once you've purchased your used truck, you may need a special truck box in order to perform the tasks and trips you're planning. An efficient truck is nothing without a box adapted to your needs. At Gamex, every truck box for sale is made available to you so that you can combine utility, performance and quality.


Dump box: A dump box is a truck box used to dump various types of goods. It is most often used for stationary mounting of products and is equipped with an electric push button for its control, or remote control. The dumping part includes a pump and must be paired with a box. The dump box allows for quick loading and unloading of many types of goods, making this truck box for sale very useful for various jobs.

Dump Truck Box: The dump truck box is a kind of removable metal box used for transporting materials. It is often used to move and transport various construction materials and/or bulk products, such as sand for example. This truck box for sale is particularly effective for dumping various materials used in construction.

Refrigerated Truck Box: The refrigerated truck box has special insulating properties that allow the owner to control the temperature. This truck box is ideal for transporting heat sensitive products or perishable goods. This truck box for sale can be particularly useful in the food industry, among others.

Storage Box: This truck box fulfills storage and warehousing needs. The truck box is closed, to ensure that the stored items remain dry. This truck box for sale can be used to transport its contents on a short trip. It promises safe storage of your products.

Truck Box: The truck box for sale is a crate of variable size used primarily for the transportation and movement of various goods, depending on your needs. It is often made of fiberglass and is very versatile. This truck box for sale is particularly useful for the transportation of various products.

Insulated storage box: The insulated storage truck box for sale is equipped with a closed box, guaranteeing the stability of its internal temperature to store non-perishable goods, while keeping them dry. This truck box for sale is ideal for protecting its contents from the outside elements, such as rain or snow. Its insulation allows a fixed internal temperature.

Curtained truck box: The curtained truck box has the advantage of facilitating the loading and unloading of bulky goods. The sliding curtain system allows the box to be opened lengthwise, rather than through the rear door (which is still accessible). This truck box for sale is ideal for large and difficult to handle materials.

Garbage/Recycling Box: The garbage/recycling truck box is used to collect and transport household garbage. This truck box for sale has a special dumpster where the garbage is placed and through which the waste is transported to its destination. The garbage/recycling box is used exclusively for the removal and transportation of garbage.

Tanker: The tanker box is cylindrical in shape and is designed to carry bulk liquid products. It takes the form of a large tank used to transport liquids, gases or powders in bulk. The container of this truck box for sale is often made of stainless steel and allows to carry liquid products to the right destination.

Trunk: This truck box allows the storage and protection of your tools directly inside your vehicle. It serves, among other things, to prevent your equipment from being stolen by an individual or damaged by the weather. This truck box for sale is very useful for drivers who need to carry a lot of tools and want to leave them within reach in their vehicle without the risk of having them stolen or broken.

Container: The "container" truck box is a safe and reliable option for transporting fragile goods. This versatile truck box comes in a variety of shapes depending on your transportation needs. As the name indicates, this truck box for sale is used to hold and transport what you need, dry and well protected.

The truck brands available at Gamex

Gamex, with its wide selection of used trailers for sale, has what you need. In order to optimize your trips while respecting your needs, these trailers for sale will satisfy your budget as well as your transport needs.

  • Freightliner
  • GMC
  • Hino
  • International
  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Mitsubishi
  • Peterbilt
  • Sterling
  • Volvo
  • Western Star

Whether you needa standard or specialized truck box,
Gamex has the rare gem you need.

Buying a truck body is not something to be overlooked:

which is why you'll want it to come from our team of truck professionals! Our truck bodies for sale will fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations at an excellent value.

kenworth peterbilt Volvo Freightliner International Mack western Sterling Hino kalmar

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