Fenders and skirtsFenders are truck parts located on the exterior of your truck that form a fairing around your wheels. Their specific name is determined by the location of the wheel (ex.: left front fender)

The skirts, on the other hand, are a form of partition for the rear compartment, either the engine compartment or the luggage compartment. Just like fenders, skirts are exterior truck parts, in addition to being fixed and vertical.

Storage boxes and accessoriesOur storage boxes and accessories include several battery boxes, tool boxes, etc. These types of heavy-duty truck parts are used to carry smaller items that you may need to access more quickly, so they don't get lost in the load you're carrying. Have everything you need at hand!

CabsCabs are heavy truck parts located at the front of the vehicle. They are the cabin where the driver sits to drive the load, where the seats, steering wheel, windows, etc. are located.

Assembled hoods and accessoriesHoods are also exterior used truck parts. They are removable covers, allowing easy access to the engine and other internal structures of the vehicle. The various accessories include hinges for hoods, lights, fenders, grills, etc.

DPFDPF is an acronym for Diesel Particulate Filter. As the name implies, these used truck parts make up a device used to treat trapped particles in the exhaust gas, such as soot or ash. The purpose of these truck parts is to reduce emissions from diesel-powered vehicles by capturing and storing the exhaust particles. These particles must be burned occasionally to regenerate the filter and ensure its proper operation.

Differentials in parts or completeDifferentials are truck parts whose role is to distribute the kinetic force by distributing the speed of the driving wheels during a rotation. This action is performed in a fast and automatic way: during a curve, the external wheels need to turn faster than the wheels located inside the curve. Thus, the four wheels operating at two different speeds result in a smooth and controlled turn.

EnginesEngines are self-explanatory: they are the central truck parts and literally the mechanical energy of your vehicle. All engines at Gamex are verified by our experienced mechanics, and some information sheets even have a short video showing the engine in action. Several well-known brands are available!

BumpersBumpers are truck parts that are used, as the name suggests, to cushion potential contact with your vehicle. Often made of metal or plastic, bumpers are placed at the front and rear of the vehicle to provide maximum safety.

Cab partsOur cab parts include several elements that are very useful for the proper functioning of your cab, such as pumps, wiper arms, mirrors, doors, control modules, air purifiers, seats, refrigerators, windshield washer tanks, etc. Get everything you need for a good drive in comfort at a low price.

Various parts and accessoriesIn addition to our specialized truck parts, Gamex carries a large inventory of miscellaneous parts and accessories, so you can find the missing component for your heavy-duty truck, whatever it is! Our miscellaneous parts and accessories include tanks (urea, fuel, power steering), trailer fairing, footwells, exhaust grills, windows, etc.

Engine partsAmong our various truck engine parts, our selection consists of diesel or transmission oil coolers, exhaust manifolds, fuel pumps, air compressors, mini nozzle boxes, valve covers, flywheel housings, air intake gas pedals, timing boxes and much more!

Radiators and Air CoolersRadiators are truck parts that exchange heat from the engine. Indeed, to avoid overheating, engines are often cooled by the internal circulation of a liquid. This liquid is then transferred to the radiator where it loses the stored heat. In the same way, air coolers are a truck part whose role is to lower the temperature of various spaces in order to avoid any overheating that could be dangerous to the vehicle.

Suspensions and componentsThe purpose of the suspensions is to transmit the weight of your heavy truck to the axles, thus absorbing the shocks due to a damaged surface. Suspensions are the set of mechanisms that allow the connection between your vehicle and its wheels. Gamex offers quality suspensions, in addition to blades, frame horns, cross members, axles, brackets and clips to accompany your new purchases.

TransmissionsTransmissions are used truck parts that communicate motion from one mechanism to another through a system of gears, cables, belts, chains, etc. As the name implies, the transmission is used to transmit motion.

Gamex offers a variety of recognized brands in its used parts inventory, such as:

  • Peterbilt
  • International Prostar
  • Freightliner
  • Mack
  • Hino
  • Kenworth
  • Volvo
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sterling
  • Western Star

And much more!
Gamex is proud to offer a reliable array of quality, verified used truck parts. Our team of heavy-duty truck experts will be happy to help you find everything you need at the same address and, most importantly, of the same caliber as new parts on the market, but at a highly affordable price. Shopping for used truck parts at Gamex makes your life easier when looking for equipment, and you'll be guided towards the right choices by our team through a professional and pleasant service. Don't wait any longer to repair your truck with Gamex equipment parts!

kenworth peterbilt Volvo Freightliner International Mack western Sterling Hino kalmar

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